Our open workshop is a meeting place for people from different backgrounds and disciplines.


In the COCOLAB, people from Fläming meet city dwellers, permanent users such as our residents and the Coconatteam meet temporary users such as makers retreat guests and workshop participants.

Diversity enriches and serendipity often leads to innovation in the form of new project ideas.



Our bio-heater heats the workshop in a climate-friendly way using rotting wood chips.


Together with our partners, we want to further develop mushroom mycelium as a building material and test how it can be processed as a sustainable material. In the short term, we are particularly interested in mushroom textiles and in the long term we dream of constructing entire buildings from mycelium.

Product Design

In a first project, product design students at the Potsdam University of Applied Sciences under the direction of Professor Jörg Hundertpfund designed mobile outdoor furniture for digital nomads, and in the follow-up project ‘simple things’, practical items that are suitable for distributed manufacturing.

Art trail XR

In the project with the Hoher Fläming Nature Park, 5 augmented reality artworks were added to the established art trail. We also animated digital avatars of the artists of the seven existing artworks along the trail. The project was nominated for the Digital Places Award.

The Rabbit Residency

Together with Medienboard Berlin Brandenburg, we have developed the most important residency programme for independent game developers in Germany. The Rabbit is hopping to Klein Glien for the third time in 2024 and is now a permanent institution.

Film Project

In the past, we have been able to finance film residencies through Medienboard Berlin Brandenburg, we have supported young filmmakers, organised the Fläming Short Film Festival on site and supported the German Film Academy’s film education and anti-discrimination project spots.

Makers Xmas-Market

Together with the owners of the COCOLAB. based arts and crafts café, we have already organised a small but excellent Christmas market three times. With laser-cut Christmas decorations, mulled wine and traditional arts and crafts.


The media competence and citizen journalism project Wirzulande, which was funded by the mabb and carried out for three years under the direction of Daniela Singhal, is one of the midwives of today’s COCOLAB.s. The video lab, podcast studio and media projects are still important elements of the innovation centre.

Permanent tenants

Halina Hildebrand

The successful photographer Halina Hildebrand runs a photo studio on site as a place to work, e.g. in preparation for her numerous exhibitions.


Pauline Reuter founded Jofilia and creates fabrics and fashion designs in her small tailor’s shop. She is also part of the Café Apfel team.


Tobias Brett, the founder of rockfarm, is developing a technology in which mobile robots autonomously build natural stone walls that pass CO2.


Ruben Lagies from COOKIN’ROLL creates mobile spaces where people can communicate, cook, celebrate and work together.


Contact info

Klein Glien 25
14806 Bad Belzig

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