Welcome to COCOLAB.

The COCOLAB. is an open workshop and makers retreat in Brandenburg!
A place to tinker, try out and bring your ideas to life.

What we offer…


Hackathon of the Smart Village Mobility Campus

At the 25-hour hackathon on the topic of #ruralmobility, small teams of programmers, thematic experts and interested parties will work on solutions to (digital) mobility problems in rural areas. JOIN IN TOO! All information is available here

FRE!LAUF DIY Bike Camp , Summer Camp network of open workshops and much more…

We are really happy that five really important and great maker events are taking place here and in the immediate neighborhood: From August 8th to 11th, 2024 the FRE!LAUF DIY Bike Camp and from August 22nd to 25th the Summer Camp of the Association of Open Workshops . Before that there is the summer festival in Hölle on July 6th and the following day an  open day in the joint workshop for wood and metal processing & truck self-help in the former ACZ Reetzerhütten . Hey… it’s best to just stay here because the Fläminger Kreativsause maker festival in Klein Glien is also in between (July 15th – 21st).

A guest with friends

As part of the Fläminger Kreativsause, the hands-on workshop will be making small light pendants on the laser cutter on the first day of the holidays, Thursday, July 18th. Children aged 10 and over and adults can design these themselves. On Saturday between 2:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m., small speedy animals will be made from cork, a button cell battery and a vibration motor. Children aged 6 and over can take part. Both offers are free of charge. It’s worth taking a look at what the Kreativsause has to offer – in addition to ours, there are a number of other exciting workshops. 

Start up space available in COCOLAB!

Next to our residents Rockfarm, Cookin´roll, Halina Hildebrand Photography and Jofila we have space for one more resident company. In addition to all Coconat comfort and space, there’s technical support, machine use in the open workshop as well as storage and testing rooms. Become part of our vibrant community!

In a participatory workshop, together with many great partners we build heating system made out of a 120 m3 of locally sourced wood chips. During the composting process the wood will be transformed into valuble compost and heat for our COCOLAB. 

The project is made possible by funding from the Sustainable Development Action – Local Agenda 21.

Rock Farm x COCOLAB. @ Pro7 Galileo

Did you ever wonder why there is a stonewall in front of the COCOLAB. currently? Galileo film team came by to film a piece about Rock Farm, one of our start-up residents in the COCOLAB.

What’s happening in COCOLAB.?

We regularly post our freshest builts and new events to our Instagram page. Check it out!